Nicola Falcone


Nicola Falcone is an Italian architect and designer, born in Basilicata.
He graduated in architecture from the University of Florence and works in Italy and around the world.

In 1997 he studied Interior design in Florence and created a line of contemporary furniture handmade by skilled Tuscan craftsmen.
His work includes furniture design, interiors and unique objects which are limited editions for homeowners and public spaces.

All pieces are designed by Nicola Falcone and Ludwig Hartmann and handmade by the most skilled artisans in Florence, Italy..


Ludwig HartmannLudwig Hartmann originates from Germany and Ecuador.
He studied in Florence and is an artist/designer who has collaborated together with Nicola Falcone for several years.

The mission of these two designers is innovation and testing of raw materials such as brass, iron, marble, alabaster, leather, glass and other materials related to the history of Florence.
The designers carefully shape their every creation using contemporary design and colours. 



The brand Nicola Falcone launches new collections every year.
Products sold in various countries around the world from the best showrooms and galleries in the UK, Germany, China, UAE, Singapore, France, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Spain, Thailand etc.

The work of Nicola Falcone e Ludwig Hartmann have been published in numerous magazines and books Internationally.